Thursday, June 23, 2011

Steak on the Big Green Egg

Chronicling a Big Green Egg cook from last week. Here is the beast itself. This is a XL Egg. I've ordered a medium to handle smaller cooks but as good as their products are, the BGE service and distribution network leaves a great deal to be desired. I think they've literally hired tropical monkeys to handle all of that so caveat emptor if you want to purchase one.

Once I get the fire started, I close the shell and allow it to creep up to cooking temperature by leaving the top aperture and the bottom slot wide open. Once I hit the temp, I close to maintain the heat level.
The adjustment of the two openings allow or slow the movement of the oxygen that feeds the flame hence the heat.

The first thing to go on for this cook were a couple of corn cobs. I got the temp above 400 in about 25 minutes.

Got the temp right so the on goes the corn.

The corn's done so now we ramp up the heat to sear and cook the steak.

To get from 400 to over 600 only took about 7 minutes, no shit.

Now it's a freaking inferno so much care taken to not die or lose eyebrows.

Here's the steak after 2 minutes with a 90 turn halfway through to get the famous grill marks.

Completed with a total of 5 minutes cooking time to get it medium rare. This was a grass-fed rib-eye so had to take care not to overcook it which is surprisingly easy to do with the grass-feds. Now time to let it rest a few minutes so as to keep the juices in.

Throw some bread on for toast.

And here's the steak sliced after a rest.

Added it to a bowl of arugula from the garden,

and dressed with a olive oil-balsamic vinegar-based dressing and lightly cooked red onion slices.

Served on the porch. Delicious.

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