Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weeknight Improv

Here's a pantry dish. We had asparagus left over from the weekend that we hadn't cooked yet and eggs so for a weeknight dinner I thought it'd be good to throw together something like a recipe that I'd seen in the NY Times last week, roasted asparagus and fried eggs. Since we were passing right near a Whole Foods on the way home from work we decided to pick up a couple of sausages too, in this case we got some pork Andouilles.

I cooked the asparagus in a skillet at a fairly high heat in olive oil with salt and pepper. Meanwhile I poached the sausage for a few minutes to firm it up then sauteed it in another skillet. Once the asparagus and sausage were done, I used the skillet in which I'd cooked the sausage to cook the eggs, fried sunny-side up. We served the eggs on the asparagus and seasoned with hot pimenton to complement the sausage.
Took all of 20 minutes to cook, was delicious and perfectly lightweight for a Thursday night dinner.

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