Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 4 BBQ

We had some friends over for a July 4 BBQ.

I smoked 2 racks of Becker Lane pork ribs in the XL Big Green Egg at about 220-230 for about four hours over some charcoal wood and several large chunks of hickory.

I stripped of the membrane from the back and soaked them in lemon and apple juice for an hour then marinated them with a dry rub for another hour plus. It took the time of the marinade to start the fire and get smoothly to the cooking heat.

We served the ribs with a tomato-molasses sauce I made in the morning.

I also made a large pot of pork and beans using onion, navy beans, bacon grease, salt pork, tomatoes and a fair amount of the usual spices.

I started them the night before and let them sit over night before heating them up again in the morning.

Once some of the smaller parts of the rib meat was cooked I chopped them up and added them in for the last hour or two. You can see how much the liquid had reduced in the time they cooked.

We started the meal with some grilled octopus. I bought the octopus on a whim when I saw some arai tako at Tokyo Fish a few days prior. I boiled it then marinaded it in the frig for a couple of days before taking it out to grill.

Before grilling:

Isn't the typical appetizer for an American BBQ but I knew that others than myself would like the treat so why not?

We added some hot links and Andouille sausages, corn on the cob and a dessert of grilled peaches served with Amaretto and toasted sliced almonds. Mimi brought an amazing cole slaw she'd made that afternoon with raisins, yum, yum and yum!

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