Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rock Fish with Walnut-Pistachio Crust

Siren SeaSA has yet to not amaze us with the delicious quality of the biweekly drops we get. This time it was black gill rock fish fillets, four large ones to be exact. I found a recipe on which to base our meal from a fellow blogger's post down in Los Angeles that looked to be a perfect suggestion and it was indeed. It just so happened that we were planning to use the same accompanying side dishes so all the better to check it out. It's a simple preparation of an egg wash on the fillets to hold a nut crust and a bit of seasoning, cooked at fairly high heat for only a few minutes.

Raw walnuts and pistachios chopped together

What fish doesn't love dill?

Gorgeous fillets fresh from the ocean

Crusting the fillets

In the pan

Looks pretty good, doesn't it? Tasted great too.

1/3 cup walnuts, chopped finely in a food processor
1/3 cup raw unsalted pistachios, chopped finely in a food processor
1 egg
4 rockfish fillets
kosher salt
fresh-cracked black pepper
2 tablespoons grapeseed oil
juice of 2 lemons
fresh dill, chopped coarsely, for garnish

Put the nuts into a food processor and chop finely but well short of becoming a powder, you'll be using this as a crust for the fillets. Pour the chopped nuts onto a large plate.

Crack an egg into a bowl and beat well.

Season the fillets. Dip each one into the egg to cover completely then coat with the chopped nuts and put aside to do the remaining fillets.

Heat a large skillet over a medium-high heat. Add the oil. When the oil is hot add the fillets in batches so that the skillet is not over-crowded. Cook until the nut crust has colored well without burning. Turn over and cook until the fish just starts to flake. The entire cooking should only take a few minutes. Remove to a plate while you finish the remaining fillets.

Season with lemon juice and garnish with dill.

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