About Me

I'm Kevin McCarthy and have been cooking regularly at home for over 25 years now. People who know me at all will tell you I cannot shut the f up about food. I first got serious about cooking back in the early 90's when I shared a house with a couple of friends who were professional chefs and would host dinner parties for friends every weekend. The meals they would prepare were absolutely amazing. By observing and acting as an assistant to them, I was introduced to techniques that I've practiced on my own since.

While building up a repertoire of meals and recipes over the years, I would often forget what the hell it was I'd been cooking so thought it a good idea to start keeping track of what I'd been doing. As a result I've decided to keep this blog as a diary of sorts to use as personal resource.

A few years ago I came across an online video of the TED talk that Jamie Oliver gave in February 2010 imploring people to help others to learn how to cook and prepare food for themselves. (I share a strong conviction that many of the health issues people are confronted with are due to diets based on having to subsist on whatever is available in the world of affordable restaurants and/or processed foods.) The talk inspired me to see how and where I could offer assistance to those who have never had the chance to learn culinary skills and to overcome the intimidation of the kitchen.

A couple of years ago I held several classes for beginners in my home kitchen the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area and found it to be very rewarding both for the attendees and for myself. Due to the demands of a day job I had to curtail a regular schedule. Since 2015 I've been volunteering with 18 Reasons in the Bay Area as a chef instructor for their Cooking Matters series of classes in the East Bay.

I am still keeping this blog current and welcome you to try any of these recipes and give me feedback on what you like, don't like, or have questions about regarding them!

Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.
Chinese proverb


  1. Hello,
    I noticed you mentioned my business Cold Country Salmon in a recipe you posted. I wonder if you would mind if I posted some of your wonderful recipes and photos to my site blog for my customers. I would put your name and a link to the original page at the top.

    Thanks and great blog!
    Traveler Terpening

  2. MY SF daughter-in-law just sent me your tomato/squash recipe which helps a lot! Of course my Kentucky garden is producing exactly what is needed. Thank you! Wonderful page for those of us who just want to be healthy!